Bali Barat National Park Trekking

 Trekking or Hiking For 2 hours, and 3 Hours.It will costly Hours.

we organize Trekking trip into National Park and try to reach wild life, trekking Bali barat National park offer great experience,

then you have chance to see animals such as black giants squirrel,long tailed macaque, black monkeys (ebony leaf monkey),

monitor lizard, green jungle fowl and some kingfisher around the river or mangrove swamp.

Your trip will be accompanied with guide who has certification from the park and it is compulsory, 

we are into the forest within Bali barat National park , and the guide always not guarantee to see animals because it will be not look like in the zoo, 

due animal always move in large National park around 19.000 hectare.  we organize some categories trip,

* Short trekking, it is 2 hours duration

 * Medium trekking it is 3 hours duration.